The Quiet Radio Revolution
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Currently there is a quite evolution going on at radio. Things have changed and it is this writer’s opinion that they will never go back to the way it used to be.
During the next …

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The Quiet Radio Revolution

Submitted by admin on Monday, 24 November 2008One Comment
The Quiet Radio Revolution

Currently there is a quite evolution going on at radio. Things have changed and it is this writer’s opinion that they will never go back to the way it used to be.

During the next few months radio and the independent artist will both be in a state of “transition”. Radio will be receiving more and more digital files and the Indies should be sending less and less CD’s. As far as servicing music to radio is concerned, we need to get the Indies on the same playing field – a level playing field that is – as the major labels. To do this, we need to educate the Indie artist. We need to give them the facts and hard costs, and we need to this immediately.

It’s extremely difficult surviving as an Indie artist and they need every advantage they can get. This may be the “quiet evolution”, but we need to get the word out loud and clear.

In days gone by, independent releases and major label releases have basically been provided in the same medium – the 78, the 45, the 12” vinyl record, and now the compact disc. When changes in the medium happened, they were relatively easy to identify because they were retail driven. When the Compact Disc came to be, we all switched to that medium – radio and the consumer alike. The Indies sent a CD to radio – so too did the majors. And the public bought a CD. Everyone was on the same page.

Not so anymore. Now the major record companies send their new releases to radio via “Digital Media Distribution System” – through the internet as a digital file. Headed by Musicrypt, a Canadian company, this system of music delivery is safe, simple, and instantaneous. All of Canadian radio will receive the latest ”Shania” single at the same time.

For radio, it means no wrestling with envelopes, and poly wrap. No searching thru piles and piles of CD’s stacked up on a desk. They now receive an email to let them know that the new “Shania” single has arrived, or the latest “Alicia Keys” is on line and ready to be downloaded. The music director just needs to “click and listen”! It’s the “quiet evolution” and it’s happened very quickly and, because this change of format is not retail driven, it’s happened very, very quietly.

Over the past few months these are just some of the artists that have been sent out by “Musicrypt” in a digital format: Shania Twain, U2, Elton John, Fefe Dobson, Bryan Adams, Nelly Furtado, Gordon Lightfoot, Sum 41, Sara McLachlan, Motorhead, Ryan Malcolm, Alicia Keys & Usher, Keshia Chante, Alan Jackson, Lonestar, Kenny Chesney, Avril Lavigne, Tracy Bird, Martina McBride, Brooks & Dunn, Wycleff Jean, Billy Talent and on, and on, and on…….

Most music directors I have spoken to, prefer receiving their new releases on line. They unanimously agree it would make their life a lot easier if all the music they got was sent through this system. So, where does that leave the independent artists? Actually, it puts them in pretty good shape.

When you consider the CD manufacturing, design, and packaging costs, the postage charges, the envelopes and press release fees – sending a CD to radio can cost the independent artist as much as $5.75. (That’s assuming you have access to an up to date mailing list!) DMDS can do the same for $2.95* per station… and it’s there in an instant!

Along with the wav. file, radio receives a scan of the artist and/or group, bio information, record label copy, touring details, a link to the artist’s web site, and contact information. (There is no way an artist can send all this on his own for $2.95*.) Gone is the single CD. Gone is the postage stamp. Gone is the envelope, the mailing list and the week or so it takes to get to the station. When you think about it, sending music to radio has never been easier.

~ Joe Wood

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    I want to find good pop music. Help me please.

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