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Roy Roberts

Roy’s life with music began at a very early age. Growing up in a family of musicians, he was destined to follow the same path, writing his very first song in 1974. A musician at heart, Roy started his own band in 1975 and currently is a member of local Toronto band, The Mavens.

Wanting to build his knowledge base about the music industry – especially the business side – Roy entered the Recording Arts Management program at Harris Institute for the Arts in 1995, where he graduated at the top of his class earning the Fran Shaw Scholarship of Achievement.

Upon graduating from Harris, Roy launched his business career in the industry volunteering with Music Solutions/dB Promotions before starting an internship with the company in 1996.

Roy accepted a short-term position with Pelican/Shoreline Records in late ‘96 promoting Nickelback’s very first album to radio, and working on foreign licensing contracts for the label.

In 1997, Roy returned to Music Solutions/dB Promotions to stay. Here, he has achieved success promoting several independent artists to radio, including Roch Voisine, the Downchild Blues Band, Gowan, Luba, and Sour Landslide.

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